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Happy Holiday from the Anderson Family

From the Anderson Family, we wish you a Happy Holidays and let’s all have a Great 2009!

Happy Holidays from Netbriefings


From Netbriefings to all our Customers, Partners, and Stakeholders.. Have a Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!!

Day 1 in Beijing with GNET

I arrived in Beijing on Sunday September 21st.  It was Moon Holiday, but I was still met by Billy Xu one of the founders from GNET.  This post is on the day one arrival and a late day visit to the Birds Nest.  I found the security at the Birds Nest similar to the Security in St. Paul, MN for the Republic National Conventions.  For more information about that reference my earlier post on the RNC and the Anarchists titled “Anarchist disrupted the Republican National Convention (RNC)”.  However, the security was much higher at the RNC.





Day 2-3 in Beijing with GNET

On day 2 and 3, I visited the GNET Corporate headquarters and their R&D center in Beijing.   At the Corporate Headquarters I met with GNET Staff for Customer Support, Technical Support, Sales and Marketing.   At the R&D Center I had the opportunity to reconnect with Billy and meet their developers.



Final Post From Mumbai

On my way back home from China and Taiwan, I stopped into Mumbai India to meet with another partner company and some of their prospects.  Our partner company is Sunflower India, from Pune.  Vyankatesh Kulkarni is the President of Sunflower and hosted me well.

Anarchist disrupted the Republican National Convention (RNC)

As a Minnesotan I have been looking forward to having the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul, for some time. I decided to blog the event as I thought it would be a memorable time. I will not forget it but not for the reason I had thought! The Anarchists are what I will remember!!!