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Webcast and Online Meeting Tools: What’s Your Choice to Get the Word Out?

Do you like to tell your stories, connect and spread the word online? Great! What’s your platform? WebEx, GoToMeeting, On24, Proclaim Enterprise, TalkPoint, Skype, Google+Hangouts … there are many great choices out there. So many choices, so little time, right?! Okay, I’ll confess. I’m an Internet junkie who has used a number of wonderful webcast and online meeting tools. It’s wonderful that we have so many amazing ways to connect online.

Webcast and Online Meeting Tools

Find the Best Fit for You

As a web communication professional, I understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to webcast/online meeting platforms. In a world where many of us communicate and collaborate online, it’s important to choose the tool that’s right for you. For example, Google+Hangouts may be a good tool for a small marketing department to use for catching up on the latest episode of Scandal and to discuss what worked best at the last tradeshow. (My team has used Zoom Meeting to collaborate online.)

On a larger event scale, let’s say your national or global sales team wants to discuss the company’s 1st quarter earnings or you’re having a conference to talk about your company’s vision for the year. (These kinds of meetings happen quite often, right?) For these types of events, you may be looking for a robust webcast tool in which quality, connection reliability, technical support and an attractive price point matter most. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of great choices out there. And, deciding which one is right for you can be mind boggling.

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Tailored to your needs

Looking to try a managed service webcast? Check out Netbriefings!

Are you looking to do managed service webcasting or perhaps enhance your current service with us?

Netbriefings provides powerful webcasting solutions and will tailor it to your exact specifications. Want to match the event branding with your website for a seamless look? How about provide downloadable podcasts and slides with your archives? We will package your event however you need it for a polished, custom fit.

Here are just some of the webcasting features you can expect:

* Easy set-up / event management
* Flexible registration options
* Large audience flexibility
* Custom reminder / follow-up emails
* Branded website
* PC and Mac friendly
* Mobile “all device” friendly
* Integrated video, audio and phone conferencing
* Animated slides
* Roll-in videos
* Downloadable podcasts / materials
* Polls / surveys
* Live and on-demand online chat with message log
* Online monitoring and tracking
* Secure
* Help line / field tech support
* Operator assisted event
* Robust & easy reporting
* Post event editing
* Archiving capabilities

Netbriefings experienced team is the best in the business for helping your event run smoothly. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

Get Webcasting Demo Account

Forced into a box with your webcasting platform?

Forced into a box with your webcasting platform? Check out Netbriefings!

Are you frustrated with your webcasting platform’s features?

Are you limited by your webcasting platform’s capabilities or lack the know-how to customize it? Don’t let other webcasting tools force you into a small box of features.

  With other Platforms:      

  • No / limited registration
  • No slides … only video
  • No emails, polls or surveys
  • Only total number of attendees
  • No customized embed code image
  • No customized viewer page
  • Limited attendee support
  • Limited presenter support
  • Animations
With Netbriefings:

  • Registration and tracking
  • Slides and video
  • Email notifications, polls and surveys
  • Real time online monitoring
  • Customized embed code image
  • Fully customized viewer page
  • Attendee support
  • Dedicated presenter support
  • Animations

With other tools you may be forced into continuing your monthly subscription with or without an event that month or your recordings will be removed. With Netbriefings’ managed service webcasts, you pay a one-time event charge and a small monthly hosting fee.

Get Free Demo

Try out a demo trial of the Proclaim Enterprise webcasting platform. Netbriefings provides live and on-demand streaming services to unlimited size audiences worldwide. Broadcast your events with streaming video and slides, streaming audio and slides or just video. Distribute them on our hosted page or seamlessly on your website or mobile device.

Self-Service Video Streaming

Have a need to stream crisp, clean HD video to 100s or 1000s of participants?

With Proclaim Enterprise, you can:

  • Embed your video on your own website
  • Enable registration, tracking and email notifications
  • Get unlimited video storage
  • Record your event
  • Customize your branding

Check us out at

Netbriefings offers self-service video streaming

Managed Service Webcasts

Have a high profile event that cannot fail? Our webcasting experts will ensure your event goes off flawlessly!

Netbriefings offers:

  • Webcast set-up, branding and customization
  • Personalized support and service
  • Professional quality video, audio and slides delivered over the phone, desktop or iOS device

Check us out at

Netbriefings offers managed service webcasting

Need reliable Webcasting?

How many times have you been on a GotoMeeting or WebEx event and something has gone wrong?

Find out how Netbriefings can provide you with the best possible event with the lowest amount of stress.

Netbriefings can help you …
* High profile, corporate events
* Quality, streaming audio events

Learn more about reliable webcasting with Netbriefings

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