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Where do you go when you outgrow WebEx and GoToMeeting?

WebEx and GoToMeeting are fine products for smaller, self-service type meetings. If there is an audio glitch during the meeting, people just deal with it on the fly and move on.

But what happens when there’s a problem during an important, large live online event where a technology issue could be devastating?

For many admins in charge of a webcast project, this is beyond their scope of expertise. They just need it to work without issues. It’s for those events that it may be time to think about using a managed service webcast provider such as Netbriefings. Our experts can handle the technology leaving you to solely focus on the content!

Need help with your next web event? Check out our handy planning guide.

Where do you go when you outgrow WebEx and GoToMeeting?

Managed Service Webcasts

Have a high profile event that cannot fail? Our webcasting experts will ensure your event goes off flawlessly!

Netbriefings offers:

  • Webcast set-up, branding and customization
  • Personalized support and service
  • Professional quality video, audio and slides delivered over the phone, desktop or iOS device

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Netbriefings offers managed service webcasting

Free Managed Service Webcast Promotion

Are you a business unhappy using ON24 or other managed service providers? Netbriefings has a better solution!

We are offering a promotion specifically to businesses that are unhappy using ON24 or any other managed service webcast provider. Any business interested in participating can simply return a completed webcast setup request form, and they will receive a managed service webcast for free if booked with us on or before May 31, 2013 and held during 2013.

Businesses will also receive 25% off their subsequent webcasts booked and held with us during 2013.

Check out our website for more offer details!

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