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Webinar 101: Generate Leads and Tell Your Story, Your Way

What goes into putting on a successful webinar? The presentation is only a small piece according to Wayne Turmel, author of “6 Weeks to a Great 6 Weeks to a Great Webinar by Wayne TurmelWebinar.” Wayne took part in our Virtual Conference yesterday and provided us with lots of information.

You’ll learn:

• The project steps to putting on a webinar and
who does what with which and to whom

• Tips for getting the right people to attend

• Tips to be a better online presenter

• Why you’ll get better reaction after the event than during

Click here to watch the webcast archive!

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PowerPoint Audiences are People too

We had Sandra Johnson participate in our Virtual Conference site yesterday. Sandra is a Microsoft Watch the archived webcast: PowerPoint Audiences are People too PowerPoint MVP, one of only eight MVPs in the U.S. She provided plenty of great advice and examples on how to build PowerPoint slides to make the most of your time with your audience.

Here's some highlights:

• Understand how simple humans are limited in their ability to absorb information.

• Grasp why audiences easily become frustrated and overwhelmed by most presentations.

• Learn how to create great PowerPoints to your advantage!

Click here to watch the webcast archive!

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Just When you Thought it was Safe to Google

I recently took part in a webcast with Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay of Golden Compass, a computer training company. They are a very entertaining duo that speak on the Hidden Treasures of the Internet.

Here's a recap:

• What is technology doing to us? Is it making us stupid? Learn the amazing things brain researchers are discovering about just how much we can take. The results of those studies will surprise you.

• The vast amount of misinformation on the internet is really a crime. Learn who’s trying to pick your pocket. We’ll name names and take prisoners so that they don’t take you to the cleaners.

• Discover what is starting to make Google nervous and why it’s a cautionary tale for you as well. It’s not what you think.

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Twitter and its use in the Corporate Environment

Yesterday morning I took part in a webcast with Albert Maruggi, social media expert and president of Provident Partners, on Twitter and its use in the corporate environment.

Here are some highlights:

• Discover how Twitter can be used in the corporate environment, focusing
on the three areas of public relations, customer service and marketing.

• Learn about the new tools that are used to monitor multiple profiles
by corporations and brand awareness.

• Find out the many different uses of Twitter from the 100% advertising
opt-in network to relationship building.

Click here to watch the webcast archive!

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Virtual Conferencing on-demand webcast now available

We launched our Virtual Conferencing site yesterday! The first webcast is now available on-demand. It discussed how you can save money by utilizing a virtual conference to replace or augment an on-the-ground conference.

In the webcast, I highlighted three companies we have worked with conducting virtual conferences. One event was presented by Wainhouse Research in conjunction with Drexel University and the World Bank's Global Development Learning Network and focused on the theme “Building Virtual Global Communities.” Another event was with Agility and helped them save over $1 million. A third event was with Lawson Software to augment their CUE 09 conference.

Click here to watch the webcast archive!

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What the heck is Proclaim?

Quick. Unique. Effective.

• Find out how it works!
• Why are others using it?
• See good examples of it in use!

Please check out my short video post below!

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Happy Holidays!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a prosperous 2009!

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Unique Virtual Symposium taking place this week

Wainhouse Research is working with Netbriefings, Drexel University, the World Bank's Global Development Learning Network, and others to present a global “happening”: an online symposium taking place via live webcasts, short (on-demand, asynchronous) presentations, panels, blogs, and threaded discussions.

The symposium provides an opportunity for distance learning professionals from around the world to be part of a process for creating a community that explores use of these technologies for globalization, development, and online learning.

Gain free access at

Several “live” keynote sessions are taking place between Beijing and the US and can be viewed via Netbriefings' eConference Enterprise webcasting service:

  • * Emerging Topics in Distance Education — Nov 11, 6:45 PM EST
  • * Building Global Communities — Nov 12, 6:45 PM EST
  • * Best Practices in Technology Use — Nov 13, 6:45 PM EST

Our Proclaim video messaging tool will be used as a social networking, community building tool. Presenters will use it to provide video enabled presentations for the on-demand/online portion of the conference, while participants will use it to share video snippets about their experiences.

Below is a short “introduction to the conference” video by Dr. Lynch, Dean of Goodwin College at Drexel University.

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Best Practices of Webcasting Series: Types of Web Communication Tools

The web communication spectrum has many interesting and unique tools. This short blog post explores the web communication categories listed below.

* Collaborative Web Conferencing
* Broadcast Webcasting
* Quickcast Tools
* Video Conferencing
* Social Media Tools

Justin explains the different uses for the tools as well as lists some of the major players in that segment. My hope is that you can use this data to figure out which solution best fits your needs!

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Use video to show the impact on the human condition

Is there a reason to use video in corporate communication? I think so!

Please listen to my short interview with Albert Maruggi, social media expert and president of Provident Partners. Not only does the use of video make a message more engaging, but it also allows you to show how your product or service impacts the human condition!

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