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Looking to try a managed service webcast? Check out Netbriefings!

Are you looking to do managed service webcasting or perhaps enhance your current service with us?

Netbriefings provides powerful webcasting solutions and will tailor it to your exact specifications. Want to match the event branding with your website for a seamless look? How about provide downloadable podcasts and slides with your archives? We will package your event however you need it for a polished, custom fit.

Here are just some of the webcasting features you can expect:

* Easy set-up / event management
* Flexible registration options
* Large audience flexibility
* Custom reminder / follow-up emails
* Branded website
* PC and Mac friendly
* Mobile “all device” friendly
* Integrated video, audio and phone conferencing
* Animated slides
* Roll-in videos
* Downloadable podcasts / materials
* Polls / surveys
* Live and on-demand online chat with message log
* Online monitoring and tracking
* Secure
* Help line / field tech support
* Operator assisted event
* Robust & easy reporting
* Post event editing
* Archiving capabilities

Netbriefings experienced team is the best in the business for helping your event run smoothly. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

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