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Forced into a box with your webcasting platform?

Forced into a box with your webcasting platform? Check out Netbriefings!

Are you frustrated with your webcasting platform’s features?

Are you limited by your webcasting platform’s capabilities or lack the know-how to customize it? Don’t let other webcasting tools force you into a small box of features.

  With other Platforms:      

  • No / limited registration
  • No slides … only video
  • No emails, polls or surveys
  • Only total number of attendees
  • No customized embed code image
  • No customized viewer page
  • Limited attendee support
  • Limited presenter support
  • Animations
With Netbriefings:

  • Registration and tracking
  • Slides and video
  • Email notifications, polls and surveys
  • Real time online monitoring
  • Customized embed code image
  • Fully customized viewer page
  • Attendee support
  • Dedicated presenter support
  • Animations

With other tools you may be forced into continuing your monthly subscription with or without an event that month or your recordings will be removed. With Netbriefings’ managed service webcasts, you pay a one-time event charge and a small monthly hosting fee.

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Try out a demo trial of the Proclaim Enterprise webcasting platform. Netbriefings provides live and on-demand streaming services to unlimited size audiences worldwide. Broadcast your events with streaming video and slides, streaming audio and slides or just video. Distribute them on our hosted page or seamlessly on your website or mobile device.

Where do you go when you outgrow WebEx and GoToMeeting?

WebEx and GoToMeeting are fine products for smaller, self-service type meetings. If there is an audio glitch during the meeting, people just deal with it on the fly and move on.

But what happens when there’s a problem during an important, large live online event where a technology issue could be devastating?

For many admins in charge of a webcast project, this is beyond their scope of expertise. They just need it to work without issues. It’s for those events that it may be time to think about using a managed service webcast provider such as Netbriefings. Our experts can handle the technology leaving you to solely focus on the content!

Need help with your next web event? Check out our handy planning guide.

Where do you go when you outgrow WebEx and GoToMeeting?

Netbriefings, the large webcast experts