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Turnkey IP Based Webcast Package Reduces the Cost of Webcasting

Netbriefings announces the release of a turnkey IP based webcasting package. The solution is designed for auditoriums, board rooms, hotels and other fixed webcast facilities.

Based on IP camera technology, we are able to install a turnkey solution and help manage it remotely. After installation, a company can conduct sessions for a significantly lower cost per session. With the remote management functions, Netbriefings can help customers offsite to ensure their events are successful.

As video communication continues to expand, companies are looking for more cost effective ways to deliver their large events. Since the cost of delivering these events is high if the setup cost is incurred each time, we have created a turnkey set of tools to allow our customers to quickly and easily do quality live and on-demand video sessions.

Although the technologies to do this are currently available on the market, putting it all together takes a lot of experience. That’s where Netbriefings comes in. We have devised a cost effective, best-of-breed set of solutions that we can help the customer set up one time and then support them remotely. This brings the cost down.

With this new solution customers will still have access to Netbriefings’ significant delivery capabilities allowing them to broadcast to 100s or 1,000s of participants at one time via the web, television or a mobile streaming app.

Netbriefings, the large webcast experts