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Free Managed Service Webcast Promotion

Are you a business unhappy using ON24 or other managed service providers? Netbriefings has a better solution!

We are offering a promotion specifically to businesses that are unhappy using ON24 or any other managed service webcast provider. Any business interested in participating can simply return a completed webcast setup request form, and they will receive a managed service webcast for free if booked with us on or before May 31, 2013 and held during 2013.

Businesses will also receive 25% off their subsequent webcasts booked and held with us during 2013.

Check out our website for more offer details!

Video Editing for Recorded Video Email Messages on the iPad

We just released version 3.3 of our Proclaim Messenger video email app on iTunes. This release gives you video editing capability for recorded messages and enhanced messaging for live events.

The Proclaim Messenger video email app now allows you to edit up to three video clips and create a new message. You can add audio commentary and titling as well as add transitions between each of the video clips, including fading in and out.

Other enhancements include the ability to send and receive chat messages while participating in a live streaming event from your iPad.

To download this free iPad app, simply search for “Proclaim for iPad” from iTunes or go directly to this link.

Check out how simple and powerful it is to use!

Video editing for recorded video email messages on the iPad

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