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Webinar Archive: The Proclaim Buzz

How to use video in your online communications

Join Justin Baker of Netbriefings for an ARCHIVED webinar

Looking for help with your online communications? This webinar is for you. We will be taking a close look at our Proclaim Messenger and Proclaim Enterprise tools.

Come hear about all the new updates and capabilities to Proclaim Messenger including groups, Facebook and Twitter posting and inline playing! There's also a host of other powerful features that we will delve into like campaigns, dashboard and message producer. Learn how you can utilize these tools to really help your own business and communication needs. Discover what others have been doing to enhance their messaging capabilities.

Find out about updates to the Proclaim Enterprise streaming capability as well as some exciting projects in the works.

If you haven't already done so, why not download a free trial of Proclaim Messenger for the desktop, iPad or iPhone.

See and hear this archived event on your desktop or on your mobile iPad!

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July 2012 Updates

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