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Webinar Archive Available: Secrets of Email Prospecting

29 Minutes with Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath

Join Jill Konrath for an ARCHIVED webinar

It’s tough to connect with decision makers. They seldom answer their phone and rarely call you back. Today, email is their preferred method of communication. Yet most sellers don’t know how to effectively leverage email and their messages get deleted in less than 3 seconds.

At this 29-minute webinar with sales expert Jill Konrath, you’ll learn:

* What immediately triggers their prospect’s delete response.
* Which words you must never use in your emails.
* 3 ways to build instant credibility.
* How to pique curiosity and generate an urgent need to learn more now.
* Strategies to multiply your email effectiveness.
* Key guidelines you must follow to get prompt responses.

What’s possible when you know the secrets of Secrets of Email Prospecting? It took only 8 minutes for a CEO to request a meeting with Mark. Nina heard back from an unreachable prospect in just 30 minutes. And, in just 2 years, Bill created a $2 million revenue stream.

You can achieve the same results too. Don’t miss this invaluable session.

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Social Media Revolution Socialnomics 2011

How are you taking advantage of Social Media? Very soon we will be releasing an update to the Proclaim iPad app allowing you to post your Proclaim messages on Facebook!

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