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Secrets of Email Prospecting: Proven Strategies for Immediate Results

29 Minutes with Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath

Join Jill Konrath for a LIVE WEBINAR on
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 12 PM Central

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It's tough to connect with decision makers. They seldom answer their phone and rarely call you back. Today, email is their preferred method of communication. Yet most sellers don't know how to effectively leverage email and their messages get deleted in less than 3 seconds.

At this 29-minute webinar with sales expert Jill Konrath, you'll learn:

* What immediately triggers their prospect's delete response.
* Which words you must never use in your emails.
* 3 ways to build instant credibility.
* How to pique curiosity and generate an urgent need to learn more now.
* Strategies to multiply your email effectiveness.
* Key guidelines you must follow to get prompt responses.

What's possible when you know the secrets of Secrets of Email Prospecting? It took only 8 minutes for a CEO to request a meeting with Mark. Nina heard back from an unreachable prospect in just 30 minutes. And, in just 2 years, Bill created a $2 million revenue stream.

You can achieve the same results too. Don't miss this invaluable session.

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Webinar Archive Available: Mastering the Complex Sale

Jeff Thull

Join Jeff Thull for an ARCHIVED webinar

The more complex customers’ situations and your solutions become, the more uncertain and resistant to change your customers will be. This uncertainty manifests itself in decision paralysis, long sales cycles, unpredictable outcomes and the relentless pressure to cut price.

Join Jeff Thull, CEO and President of Prime Resource Group, as he discusses the problems sales organizations face in this complex and challenging market. Get clear and specific answers to these problems:

  • Pricing pressures/commoditization of valuable solutions
  • Misdirected questioning strategy and “leading the witness”
  • Inability to diagnose for accurate and quality information
  • Presenting early – undermining the customer’s decision to buy
  • Getting caught selling Era 2 style in an Era 3 market

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Archive Available: How to Define and Articulate your Value to the C-Suite

A truly unique opportunity to learn to create your value inventory and extend it to the C-Suite.

Michael Nick

Join Michael Nick for an ARCHIVED webinar

B2b Strategic buying decisions are rapidly moving from the shop floor to the board room. Sales professionals must be prepared to not only communicate with the C-Suite, but they must be able to articulate their value proposition. The language is different, the expectations are higher, and more is required to sell at this level.

Are your prepared for the future of selling? Can you comfortably articulate and communicate your value proposition to the C-Suite? Do you know how to express the value of a cost reduction to a CFO? Can you define the C-Suite Metrics? Did you know there are secret messages hidden in a financial statement? You just need to know where to look. The answer to these questions and more will be covered in the new webcast by Michael Nick, bestselling author of The Key to the C-Suite, ROI Selling and Why Johnny Can't Sell.

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