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Free video email app now available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone!

Creating and sending video messages from your iPhone or iPad is as easy as …

1. Click “Record Video”
2. Record your video message
3. Email the video to your contacts!

Get the mobile app of Proclaim Messenger now available on iTunes

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Get iPhone App here

Live Webinar: How to Define and Articulate your Value to the C-Suite

A truly unique opportunity to learn to create your value inventory and extend it to the C-Suite.

Michael Nick

Join Michael Nick for a LIVE webinar on
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 12 PM Central

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B2b Strategic buying decisions are rapidly moving from the shop floor to the board room. Sales professionals must be prepared to not only communicate with the C-Suite, but they must be able to articulate their value proposition. The language is different, the expectations are higher, and more is required to sell at this level.

Are your prepared for the future of selling? Can you comfortably articulate and communicate your value proposition to the C-Suite? Do you know how to express the value of a cost reduction to a CFO? Can you define the C-Suite Metrics? Did you know there are secret messages hidden in a financial statement? You just need to know where to look. The answer to these questions and more will be covered in the new webcast by Michael Nick, bestselling author of The Key to the C-Suite, ROI Selling and Why Johnny Can't Sell.

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Registrants will also receive a free download of the ROI Selling Boot Camp with over 75 pages of instruction, self exams and evaluations to complete!

Interesting article on business video

I ran across an interesting article by Steve Vonder Haar, Research Director and Founder at Interactive Media Strategies. Below is just an excerpt. You can read full article here.

When it comes to business video, it turns out that there are multiple ways to skin an iPad. At least that seems to be the case when looking at some approaches to delivering video to tablet devices from vendors targeting corporate use of online video communications.

NetBriefings already has developed a version of its hosted Proclaim video capture solution for the iPhone and is currently waiting for Apple’s formal iTunes blessing for a version of Proclaim tuned specifically to work on the iPad.

The idea behind NetBriefings’ Proclaim is to simplify the process of creating video e-mails and blog postings that can be readily tracked in ways that helps senders determine how and when tailored video messages are received by their targeted audience.

With the i-applications for Proclaim, NetBriefings is creating a robust new venue for capturing video that can then be processed and managed by the same back-end solutions that are used to manage Webcam messages produced via Proclaim at the employee desktop.

By offering Proclaim capability via the iPhone and iPad, NetBriefings sets the stage for simplifying the collection and distribution of video content from remote locations. Rather than handling video snippets from talking heads staring into Webcams, the Proclaim iteration for mobile devices allows users to capture video on the go, record overlay audio of what they are seeing and then distribute the content rapidly to targeted audiences.

The prospective applications are limited only by one’s imagination. Think of sales people on the road, for instance, collecting video feedback from customers and prospects and then sending those videos directly to the product development team. Alternatively, consider the case of a real estate home inspector who could use a mobile device to film defects of a home being inspected and coupling that video with verbal descriptions of the problems that must be addressed in the repair process. That video could be sent instantly to relevant parties, allowing would-be home buyers to immediately see and hear about issues involving a home they are considering for purchase.

Netbriefings, the large webcast experts