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Happy Thanksgiving

Archive Available: Your Webinar Strategy is Soooooo 2008

How smart companies are using webinars today.
How they’ve changed and what’s working — or not.

Wayne Turmel

Join Wayne Turmel
for an ARCHIVED webinar

If you're just using PowerPoint and a demo to generate leads, or doing the same monthly webinar you've done for years, you haven't really got a webinar strategy. Smart companies are using these great tools in many creative ways to build audiences, maintain loyalty and build credibility with their audiences.

In this lively and entertaining session, Wayne Turmel, author of “6 Weeks to a Great Webinar: Generate Leads and Tell Your Story Your Way” and “10 Steps to Successful Virtual Presentations” will share with you:

* The latest research on webinar trends
* How to use webinars for more than simple lead generation
* How low-tech companies use webinars
* How tools like Netbriefings expand the possibilities

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