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Building Relationships for Life: Networking Secrets from Harvey Mackay

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Harvey Mackay speak at our Virtual Conference platform. What an inspiration!
Harvey Mackay
Here are the highlights from the session: Join New York Times #1 bestselling author Harvey Mackay as he provides sound advice on growing your network for business. Central to Harvey's message is the ability to stay competitive in the often cut-throat world of business, to 'swim with the sharks', without sacrificing one's personal integrity or doing it at the expense of other people. He does this by focusing on building strong relationships with both customers and employees.

Most people make the common mistake of only turning to their network when they need it; for example, when they're looking for a new job. Harvey says that networking is a lifelong practice that provides you with new knowledge and experiences, job security, expanded financial reach, and the strength of the group. The secret to maintaining a great network is, above all, knowing the value of the personal touch.

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