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Master the Law of Attraction and Attract Higher Sales

When you go for your sales goals, does it seem as though every conceivable block comes up to stop you? Do doubts, fears and negative beliefs keep you stuck where you've always been? Coach Nick will teach you a powerful, step-by-step formula to apply the “Law of Attraction” and boost your sales to new heights. You will own this proprietary process by the time the presentation is done and be well on your way to powerful manifestation!

You'll also break through with Coach Nick's unique Law of Attraction process that will help you:

• Get crystal CLEAR about your deep dreams for the business – no pessimistic
thoughts, no lingering doubts.

• Come to BELIEVE that the dreams are worth having and can and will occur
(instead of thinking they are ridiculous or impossible).

• PICTURE them happening in your mind's eye – with as much texture and
rich detail as possible.

Allow the future to be your compass so that you remain focused around the things that you want to create moving forward — rather than worrying about the past. Talk about a paradigm shift! Yes, let the future dictate your thoughts, feelings and actions rather than having the past do that. Above all, bring an open mind and the belief that you are creating your future! You'll start creating your own personal game plan to inspire you every day.

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Pay-Per-View Webcasts as a Revenue Model

This is an interview with Dr. Michele Petry, president of the Glia Group, an Internet consulting and web strategy firm, and editor of, an onsite training resource for the banking industry.

• Discover how BankersOnline transitioned from doing audio webcasts to an
all-day video webcast

• Learn how current events have created the opportunity to charge more for a
pay-per-view webcast attendee than an onsite attendee

• Hear about the thought processes that were behind this revenue model

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