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Learn to Match and Mirror Buyers and Watch your Sales Soar

Earlier this week, we had Nicholaos 'Coach Nick' Papadopoulos, founder at Sky's the Limit, speak at our Virtual Conference site. Coach Nick conducted a sales psychology and negotiation workshop with the goal of helping participants better understand their communication style, focus on their strengths and become stronger negotiators. The idea is to match/mirror your behavior to your prospects/clients' style and close more deals.

Coach Nick has a saying, “All things being equal, people buy from those they like and those that are most like them.” Hey Coach Nick, how do I become more like my prospects and contacts? Look to DiSC®, a methodology to help you tune into your prospect's communication style – their tonality, speed, words they use, whether their approach is primarily visual, auditory or kinesthetic. The feedback is designed to:

• Enhance your communication with those that possess a differing style than
• Increase your sales due to your ability to match/mirror all types of buyers
• Improve your negotiation because you'll learn strategies that motivate each
of the four styles to buy

Please listen to the archive and be prepared to think, learn, explore alternatives, and leave with fresh ideas for increasing the new business results of your company and the performance of your entire team. Packed full of thought-provoking sales management strategies, you will take away ideas to implement immediately.

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