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Micro-Casting: Creating "Booth Participation Insurance"

We recently had Mike Mraz from Exhibiting Excellence speak at our Virtual Conference site. Below are some of his thoughts…

The percentage of show attendees that will meet our unique target profile might be quite small. Gone are the days of blanketing a list of 6000 attendees with a direct mail postcard inviting all of them to your booth number. Many exhibitors are pairing that list of 6000 down to 1,500 to 2,500 defined prospects. Though this allows us to do a much better job of aiming our resources, the MicroCasting concept pushes us one step closer.

Ponder this, if you were able to orchestrate 10 meetings with just the right 10 attendees and in those 10 meetings established post show activities with each of them, wouldn't that in itself justify your exhibit spend? BOTTOM LINE – We can't let the masses get in the way of our primary objective – “The Critical 10″.

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Webinar 101: Generate Leads and Tell Your Story, Your Way

What goes into putting on a successful webinar? The presentation is only a small piece according to Wayne Turmel, author of “6 Weeks to a Great 6 Weeks to a Great Webinar by Wayne TurmelWebinar.” Wayne took part in our Virtual Conference yesterday and provided us with lots of information.

You’ll learn:

• The project steps to putting on a webinar and
who does what with which and to whom

• Tips for getting the right people to attend

• Tips to be a better online presenter

• Why you’ll get better reaction after the event than during

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