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PowerPoint Audiences are People too

We had Sandra Johnson participate in our Virtual Conference site yesterday. Sandra is a Microsoft Watch the archived webcast: PowerPoint Audiences are People too PowerPoint MVP, one of only eight MVPs in the U.S. She provided plenty of great advice and examples on how to build PowerPoint slides to make the most of your time with your audience.

Here's some highlights:

• Understand how simple humans are limited in their ability to absorb information.

• Grasp why audiences easily become frustrated and overwhelmed by most presentations.

• Learn how to create great PowerPoints to your advantage!

Click here to watch the webcast archive!

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Just When you Thought it was Safe to Google

I recently took part in a webcast with Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay of Golden Compass, a computer training company. They are a very entertaining duo that speak on the Hidden Treasures of the Internet.

Here's a recap:

• What is technology doing to us? Is it making us stupid? Learn the amazing things brain researchers are discovering about just how much we can take. The results of those studies will surprise you.

• The vast amount of misinformation on the internet is really a crime. Learn who’s trying to pick your pocket. We’ll name names and take prisoners so that they don’t take you to the cleaners.

• Discover what is starting to make Google nervous and why it’s a cautionary tale for you as well. It’s not what you think.

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