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Webinars Gaining More Marketing Traction

While nothing replaces in person face-to-face interaction, webinar technology gets very close. The below article shares some great webinar best practices. Read and enjoy!

Webinars Gaining More Marketing Traction
Optimize Attendance and Value with Marketing and Production
Best Practices

With business travel costs mounting, sales and marketing budgets decreasing, a dispersed and varied mix of sales tar­gets, and growing concern about our carbon footprint, webinars have become the increasingly popular go-to solution to connect companies with prospects, clients, and partners.

Capturing many advantages of face-to-face communication for a multitude of business objectives, this 21st century communication connection is a strong performer. A variety of recent event-related metrics all indicate that attendance at “on the ground” conferences and other events is diminishing. But relationships still drive business, and companies must still stay in close contact with customers and prospects.

That’s why the frequency of webinars has skyrocketed as businesses start feeling the economic squeeze… <Read More / Download article>

Make e-video a new tool for your marketing communications toolbox!

Websites are populated with e-video and YouTube is flooded with business dribble. But what makes some e-video stand out and others flop? Check out this captivating video post by Janie Peterson, owner, founder and president of Peterson Productions, an e-video production company.

Janie helps clients try to figure out how to use online video in their specific industry or website. She provides plenty of useful case study examples and discusses repurposing online video and having it work in tandem with other campaigns of radio, broadcast, and print.

Video captures all the emotional power of TV but without the time contraints or price tag. Perhaps you should make it a new tool for your toolbox!

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