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Use video to show the impact on the human condition

Is there a reason to use video in corporate communication? I think so!

Please listen to my short interview with Albert Maruggi, social media expert and president of Provident Partners. Not only does the use of video make a message more engaging, but it also allows you to show how your product or service impacts the human condition!

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Demonstrating different methods to capture video

Demonstrating Different Methods to Capture Video This is not a political commentary, but I would like to demonstrate how corporate America can use different methods to capture video to document an event in your area. The Republican National Convention was held last week just a few blocks from my office in St. Paul, Minnesota. And with it being so close, I felt compelled to include it in a blog post.

The main message with this post is that you can do really engaging multimedia with the right tools … and very easily. We used three different cameras and explained the pros and cons to each.

Please check out my video blog posting below!

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