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Streaming video via your cell phone

Here’s some interesting technology that I ran across. It’s software called Qik that enables you to stream video directly from your cell phone to the web. You can also use it as a camcorder to capture the video and stream later.

The video below is from with Arik Hesseldahl of the Wireless Way talking about the technology. Qik is saying they now support Nokia Series 60 phones, iPhone (in beta) and select Windows Mobile devices.

I went to the Qik website and viewed some live streams from around the world as well as some Olympic coverage from inside the birds nest. Definitely cool technology.

Hold a 60 minute webcast or multiple 3-5 minute messages?

So how do you know if you should hold a 60 minute webcast versus breaking up your content into multiple, shorter 3-5 minute messages?

Please listen to my interview with Steve VonderHaar, founder and research director of Interactive Media Strategies, a research firm focusing on the use of multimedia in the corporate environment that performs an annual survey to 1200 corporate executives on a wide range of web communication technologies.

Steve shares his findings in a short rich media clip.

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