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InfoComm 2008 Interview Highlights

I went to InfoComm 2008 last week which showcased technology solutions required to build critical AV and information communication systems. This was a huge audio visual tradeshow and took up three halls of the Las Vegas convention center.

The video clip below shows interview highlights of some of the exciting technologies shown on the expo floor.

  • * Digital Signage (Wireless Ronin Technologies, C-nario, Litefast, and IDEX USA)
  • * Unified Collaboration (Smart Technologies and MediaPOINTE )
  • * Video Conferencing (Life Size and Polycom)
  • * Large Venue Display (Extron and Sony)
  • * Other Innovative Technologies (FogScreen, GlobalMedia, VER and ViewCast)

FogScreen had a really cool walkthrough projection screen which created the illusion of real video floating in mid air. I haven’t seen anything like it before.

How does online multimedia fit in with other web communications capabilities?

This is an interview with Steve VonderHaar, founder and research director of Interactive Media Strategies, a research firm that focuses on the use of multimedia in the corporate environment.

Steve talks about the findings of their annual survey to 1200 corporate executives about their use, deployment and perceptions of a wide range of web communication technologies including online multimedia.

He shares how social multimedia is going to have a significant impact on the perceived effectiveness of online multimedia in business communications, and what he’s seeing as the trends in video usage for business communications.

Putting Multimedia Presentations into Press Releases

This is an article by Phil Leigh of Inside Digital Media that talks about “how to embed multimedia presentations in your press releases.” He discusses and demonstrates two “easy-to-use tools enabling multimedia presentations to be embedded into your press releases, websites, or email and track who is viewing them.”

One tool is from BrainShark and uses a telephone to narrate PowerPoints.

The second tool is from Netbriefings and is called Proclaim. It uses a webcam and PowerPoints along with rich media clips. Anyone who can post to YouTube can use Proclaim!

Great article by Phil Leigh of Inside Digital Media about putting multimedia presentations into press releases

Download Audio Podcast Download Video Podcast

Great InformationWeek article: Make it Your Tube

I thought I would pass along a great article I found in InformationWeek on how corporations can use video to be more effective in their communications. Fritz Nelson, Executive Producer, TechWeb TV, indicates that “The ‘right’ approach to video is somewhere in between for most of us, and the Internet, the great equalizer, has made it possible and affordable for anyone.” What Fritz is indicating is that although everybody is accustomed to TV quality video, content is king and not all video needs to be TV quality to be effective. <InformationWeek article>

Fritz produced highlights of the CTIA Wireless 2007 show and writes “we skipped over to the Orlando Convention Center armed with a copy of the Avid edit suite on a beat-up, 3-year-old HP laptop. We haven’t taken it to Sundance or Tribeca or Cannes, but” ….. I find his piece compelling and hopefully you will too. We plan to do the same sort of highlights with other shows such as InfoComm and the Wainhouse Research Collaboration Summit.

Check out Fritz’s show highlights of CTIA Wireless.

Netbriefings, the large webcast experts