Proclaim Messenger Increases Communication Effectiveness

Would you like to increase your company’s communication effectiveness? Our patented Video Message Tracking tool may be just what you need!

Proclaim Messenger will allow you to create and send video messages while collecting and tracking recipient information and their tendencies to help increase your communication effectiveness.

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Want to increase your company's communication effectiveness?

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Video: Planning an Important Webcast?

Do you have a high profile large event that simply cannot fail? Our managed service webcasting experts can ensure your event goes off flawlessly. Looking for customizations with your webcasting solution? With Proclaim Enterprise, you can personalize the registration, delivery method, and the look and feel of the entire viewer experience.

It will be our pleasure to help you achieve your corporate communication needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Planning an important webcast?

And here’s the link to the Proclaim Enterprise free trial:

A Conference Call in Real Life

A colleague pointed out this video the other day. It’s a funny sketch by comedy duo Tripp and Tyler of what it would be like if conference calls took place in an actual office meeting. The video is posted on YouTube here:

Most people who have participated in a conference call can relate to this. We at Netbriefings have had our share as well. So when you cannot meet face-to-face, the use of online tools … especially those involving video … can be very helpful. Video can add excitement, impact and the ability to see the subtle differences that can be missed with just audio or text alone.

Check out our website for info on our online tools. Netbriefings offers managed service webcasting, self-service webinars and video email solutions.

Dynamic Webcasting for your Business

Video has permanently injected itself into nearly every market. Video adds punch and increases audience engagement. It’s time to move beyond standard audio and slides for your webinars and corporate communications! Embrace and adopt this technology to retain your customers and attract new ones.

Watch our exciting on-demand webcast as we explore using high end video at a lower implementation cost.

Turnkey IP Based Webcast Package Reduces the Cost of Webcasting

Netbriefings announces the release of a turnkey IP based webcasting package. The solution is designed for auditoriums, board rooms, hotels and other fixed webcast facilities.

Based on IP camera technology, we are able to install a turnkey solution and help manage it remotely. After installation, a company can conduct sessions for a significantly lower cost per session. With the remote management functions, Netbriefings can help customers offsite to ensure their events are successful.

As video communication continues to expand, companies are looking for more cost effective ways to deliver their large events. Since the cost of delivering these events is high if the setup cost is incurred each time, we have created a turnkey set of tools to allow our customers to quickly and easily do quality live and on-demand video sessions.

Although the technologies to do this are currently available on the market, putting it all together takes a lot of experience. That’s where Netbriefings comes in. We have devised a cost effective, best-of-breed set of solutions that we can help the customer set up one time and then support them remotely. This brings the cost down.

With this new solution customers will still have access to Netbriefings’ significant delivery capabilities allowing them to broadcast to 100s or 1,000s of participants at one time via the web, television or a mobile streaming app.

Shape Me’s Indiegogo Kickoff

Netbriefings is hosting an event for our partner, Shape Me Group Fitness, at our new video production studio.

Shape Me is launching their exciting Indiegogo kickoff offering a compelling online fitness channel. You are invited to come in person or via live streaming!

When: Friday, May 31, 2013 3:00pm until 9:00pm in CDT

Where: Netbriefings new production studio, 421 North Wabasha St N, 3rd Floor, St. Paul MN 55102


Come help them celebrate!

While you're here, check out our new video production studio that can be used for both live and on-demand video webcasts and photo shoots!

Come see a working demonstration of our innovative delivery system through the television and mobile app for our live and on-demand video content!

Shape Me will be having a Zumba party starting around 6:30 pm, so join in the fun if you are so inclined!

New Video Production Studio

We just secured a new 3,700 square foot video production studio that can be used for both live and on-demand video webcasts and photo shoots.

The new production studio is located on the floor above our office suite in downtown St. Paul, MN. This close proximity will allow us to leverage off the significant infrastructure already in place at our facility.

The complete turnkey broadcast studio comes equipped with live and on-demand green screen sets, custom set capability and design, professional lighting, sound and multiple cameras. It features live streaming with automated on-demand creation with remote video presenter functions. The remote video broadcast aspect allows multiple speakers to come together on video from anywhere in the world to be presenters on large online events.

Contact us for rental of the video production studio or to request a tour!

Free Managed Service Webcast Promotion

Are you a business unhappy using ON24 or other managed service providers? Netbriefings has a better solution!

We are offering a promotion specifically to businesses that are unhappy using ON24 or any other managed service webcast provider. Any business interested in participating can simply return a completed webcast setup request form, and they will receive a managed service webcast for free if booked with us on or before May 31, 2013 and held during 2013.

Businesses will also receive 25% off their subsequent webcasts booked and held with us during 2013.

Check out our website for more offer details!

Video Editing for Recorded Video Email Messages on the iPad

We just released version 3.3 of our Proclaim Messenger video email app on iTunes. This release gives you video editing capability for recorded messages and enhanced messaging for live events.

The Proclaim Messenger video email app now allows you to edit up to three video clips and create a new message. You can add audio commentary and titling as well as add transitions between each of the video clips, including fading in and out.

Other enhancements include the ability to send and receive chat messages while participating in a live streaming event from your iPad.

To download this free iPad app, simply search for “Proclaim for iPad” from iTunes or go directly to this link.

Check out how simple and powerful it is to use!

Video editing for recorded video email messages on the iPad

Onsite Webcast Workshop

Learn how to be successful with webcasting!

Please join Netbriefings for a free Onsite Webcast Workshop.

The intimate setting will provide you with more one-on-one personalized attention. The class will focus on the basics and best practices of webcasting and the issues to consider. Hear the case studies of different companies and how they used webcasting to work for them.

Walk away with cost examples of typical webcast scenarios. Learn what h.264 video is and when to use it. Discover how you can use webcasting to help with your outreach, train your customers, promote your products and services, communicate your message and generate revenue. Use this information to be successful with webcasting!

Register for one of our 1-hour sessions below!

March 22, 2013
8:30 – 9:30 am central

March 22, 2013
1:00 – 2:00 pm central

Cost: Free

Park Plaza Hotel Bloomington
4460 W. 78th St. Circle
Bloomington, MN 55435
(952) 831-3131

(Located north of Hwy 494 and between France Ave and Hwy 100)

Who this workshop is for:

Executive and director level managers of marketing, training and human resources looking for new ways to maximize their reach and minimize costs.

Webcasting is a powerful solution to help you:
* Outreach to your base
* Train your internal and external customers
* Promote your products and services
* Communicate your message
* Generate revenue

In this workshop, you will:
* Learn the basics and best practices of webcasting
* Hear case studies surrounding large company meetings, outreach marketing and online training.
* Learn what h.264 video is and when to use it.
* Understand the components that make up a webcasting event.
* See cost examples of a typical webcast scenario.
* Learn how to be successful with webcasting.

Netbriefings, the large webcast experts