Happy Thanksgiving

Please know that all of us at Netbriefings thank you for your support and business. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from Netbriefings

New Website for the Proclaim Messenger Video Messaging Tool

We are excited to announce the new website for Proclaim Messenger, our video messaging tool. We believe it will simplify things for our Proclaim Messenger customers and prospects. Support, pricing, features, training videos … it’s all right here.

The new website is streamlined with a better interface allowing for better organization of information. It contains enhanced training videos and updated step-by-step guides for recording a message on the desktop, iPad and Android. It also includes new pricing and a section on Netbriefings’ partner program.

Our lead referral program is a great way to build our Proclaim Messenger network. And users of the tool will have the opportunity to get some free service in addition to getting a great video messaging tool.

For more information on Proclaim Messenger, check out www.ProclaimYourself.com. We are hosting a special 60 day free trial offer that runs till November 30, 2014.


Have a Groovy Halloween

Just having a little bit of fun with this year’s Halloween message… coming to you straight from the 1970s. Check out Darryl’s groovy video:

Remember, whether you’re in need of video email messaging, managed service webcasting, or self-service streaming, let us at Netbriefings help you stand out above the crowd!

New Interface for the Proclaim Messenger Video Messaging Tool

We are excited to announce the new interface for Proclaim Messenger, our video messaging tool. We believe it simplifies our users’ ability to more easily navigate our tool.

Proclaim Messenger’s new release includes enhancements, such as the option to record an “audio only” message. Not everyone wants to be on camera. The audio message feature gives users another option to produce effective and engaging messages.

Other enhancements include improved sharing on LinkedIn, Facebook, websites and more. In addition, the new release boasts improved campaign, delivery and dashboard features with statistics on read rate, delivery rate and bounces.

For more information on Proclaim Messenger, check out www.ProclaimYourself.com. We are hosting a special 60 day free trial offer that runs till October 31, 2014. Sign up today!


Amy Willingham running for MN House Seat using Video Messaging to help boost Political Campaign

Video messaging is helping to fuel the political campaign for a state senate candidate in Lakeville.

Amy Willingham, who is running for a Minnesota House seat in November, is the first political candidate in the nation to use Netbriefings’ Proclaim Messenger video messaging tool to reach out to the voters in her district. Although she plans to use Proclaim Messenger for many purposes, Willingham is starting by using it for campaign fundraising. Using Netbriefings’ video messaging tool could help Willingham experience more effective engagement with the constituents in her district. “I’ve always believed Proclaim Messenger is a great tool for both political fundraising and generally engaging constituents about issues,” said Gary Anderson, President of Netbriefings. “We’re excited that Amy is using our video messaging tool for her campaign, and we hope to expand the use of video messaging in the world of politics.”

Willingham believes Proclaim Messenger along with social media will be the key platforms in her quest to represent Lakeville in the Minnesota State House of Representatives. “Proclaim Messenger will ensure that my voice will be heard,” said Willingham. “This will be a good way to engage with voters about how I will serve as the voice of Lakeville and help to invest in the next generation of our students.”


Deep Dive into Push Video Marketing

Join us for an informative webcast as we take a deep dive into the features and functionality of Proclaim Messenger, Netbriefings’ push video marketing tool.

During this webcast, we discuss the features of our patented lead tracking technology that will help you take push video marketing and video engagement to the next level of effectiveness. We also take a look at new enhancements to come!

So don’t miss out! Find out how you can start boosting your business with Proclaim Messenger!


How to Engage Prospects with Push Video Marketing

Video marketing is much more engaging than plain emails and text. In this webcast, we will explore tips to help you send out an effective and engaging email marketing campaign using the Proclaim Messenger video messaging tool. We will take a high level approach at optimizing the tool to get the best deliverability with spam filters.

During the webcast, we will also look at setting up groups and using the dashboard’s drill down capability. See how to easily see who viewed or did not view your message and how to quickly resend to one or many.

Learn about the campaign email functionality and start doing your own push video marketing!


Proclaim Messenger Increases Communication Effectiveness

Would you like to increase your company’s communication effectiveness? Our patented Video Message Tracking tool may be just what you need!

Proclaim Messenger will allow you to create and send video messages while collecting and tracking recipient information and their tendencies to help increase your communication effectiveness.

See video: http://proclaim.netbriefings.com/flv/nb/gmsw6/nbgmsw6100061/

Want to increase your company's communication effectiveness?

Get more info: http://www.netbriefings.com/videoemail/servicepackage.shtml

Video: Planning an Important Webcast?

Do you have a high profile large event that simply cannot fail? Our managed service webcasting experts can ensure your event goes off flawlessly. Looking for customizations with your webcasting solution? With Proclaim Enterprise, you can personalize the registration, delivery method, and the look and feel of the entire viewer experience.

It will be our pleasure to help you achieve your corporate communication needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


Planning an important webcast?

And here’s the link to the Proclaim Enterprise free trial: http://www.netbriefings.com/tryit/trial-enterprise.shtml

A Conference Call in Real Life

A colleague pointed out this video the other day. It’s a funny sketch by comedy duo Tripp and Tyler of what it would be like if conference calls took place in an actual office meeting. The video is posted on YouTube here:

Most people who have participated in a conference call can relate to this. We at Netbriefings have had our share as well. So when you cannot meet face-to-face, the use of online tools … especially those involving video … can be very helpful. Video can add excitement, impact and the ability to see the subtle differences that can be missed with just audio or text alone.

Check out our website for info on our online tools. Netbriefings offers managed service webcasting, self-service webinars and video email solutions.

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